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Solar System

• Solar power is not only a clean way to generate electricity, but also a great way for homeowners to invest in their property.

• All homes in Florida generally have only one electricity option. This means that local businesses are in full control of how much you pay for your electricity bill each month.

Solar power returns control to the owner's hands, allowing you to have a fixed monthly cost that will not increase due to inflation or rate increases.


Save Energy Solutions is now offering the newest most innovative way for you to go solar!

Solar Carport’s and Pergola’s are a great and easy way to improve your homes visual appeal as well as adding functionality.

Aesthetic, combined with energy performance. Charge your electric vehicle.

Solar Water Heater

• Solar water heaters are used in addition to solar systems to reduce total kilowatt consumption per year.

• The solar water heater converts energy from the sun and uses it to heat water.

• It then stores that water in its own reservoir, ready to use instead of needing electricity or gas to heat the water.

Hvac / ac

Air conditioning means a lot of kilowatt consumption in every home, especially in warmer areas like South Florida.

• Having an outdated air conditioner could cost you a lot more money than you expect.

• For those customers who already have a newer air conditioner, we sometimes recommend our cleaning service as your air conditioner components can affect the overall efficiency. By providing the cleaning service, we can ensure that the system will perform at its best to increase savings.


• Many older homes in Florida do not have any type of roof insulation.

• The few homes that have insulation, or have added it over the years, may not have enough insulation

Insulation help keep your home at the correct temperature and decrease the excessive use of energy.

Pool Pump

Replacing your old pool pump with a new variable speed pool pump will result into bigger savings.

• Like a transmission in a car, variable speed pumps use gears to decrease the amount of electricity needed to keep the pump running.

Duct Cleaning

• 'DUCTOS LIMPIOS' is the Save Energy Solutions division in charge of thoroughly cleaning the air ducts in your home.

• We have state-of-the-art high-power vacuum cleaners, rotating brushes, and even high-definition cameras, to make sure your ducts are completely clean.